Did you know that hearing loss is one of the biggest challenges facing the senior population today?  It is such a problem for so many that new technological advances in assistive hearing devices were recently added to the American Disabilities Act to expand the options for assisting those with hearing difficulties.

Affecting two-thirds of senior citizens and upcoming baby boomers, hearing loss is often accompanied by a sense of isolation and loneliness. This frequently leads to depression, lower quality of life, and a failure to thrive.

High Emotion Audio Labs® is the first company to offer community wide solutions to the cofactors associated with hearing loss and memory loss.

With a unique synthesis of neuroscience, perception, audiology and electro-acoustics we create Acoustic Wellness™ environments. H.E.A.L.'s patented devices and processes carefully manage soundfields so every person can better hear and participate in uplifting group activities.  Recent studies show this improves both the quality and length of life.

Watch our short video of a flagship senior living facility in New York!