Acoustic Wellness

*Not being able to hear during group activities has traditionally been seen as a personal challenge and family matter.  This is complicated because an entire group  assembled for an event is adversely affected by those in the group who cannot hear. (What?)(Speak up!)

Hearing aids are becoming more popular, but that is only one step toward a community solution for group presentations in assembly rooms. Statically, most people who have hearing loss do not wear hearing aids. To ensure everyone can better hear and be heard, High Emotion Audio Labs® offers Acoustic Wellness ™ environments.

*To achieve an Acoustic Wellness ™ certification, a proprietary process is undertaken that includes a hearing survey of the community residents,  an acoustic survey of the facility, noise remediation where necessary, and creation of a senior specific soundfield which synchronizes with hearing aid loops .  This exceeds all ADA requirements and  most importantly, assists those with perfect hearing, those with hearing loss who do not have hearing aids and those with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

 Statistically, most people wait seven years before seeking help for hearing loss.  With this in mind, H.E.A.L.'s Dr. Scott McPhee, developed a simple and effective hearing survey which determines the hearing issues of  the community.  It also uncovers individual hearing concerns that may be overlooked or ignored.

*H.E.A.L. conducts an analysis of background noise  in assembly rooms and dining rooms.  It looks for noise from refrigerators, drink dispensers , air vents, fans, kitchens or traffic and  finds options to remove or reduce them.
We use noise remediation panels to lessen sound reflections and nearby conversations, which are uniquely problematic for those with the co morbidities of hearing and memory loss.

*A central component of our Acoustic Wellness ™ environment ,
The Activity Director™ is a proprietary commercial entertainment center created to power H.E.AL.'s speakers, optimize hearing and be easy to use.

*The Activity Director™  employs unobtrusive in-wall controls  to power multiple rooms of audio for background music to concert quality playback for live bands, guest speakers, video presentations or religious services.

Audio amplifiers, loop amplifiers and H.E.A.L. loudspeakers create an advanced synchronized soundfield.  The Activity Director™ with Senior Specific Signal Processing, mates to our proprietary speaker designs, which blend seamlessly into any environment.